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Petroceltic International plc (“Petroceltic” or “the Company”) is committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety environmental and social performance across all its oil and gas exploration and development operations. Our aim is to create a well governed, sustainable business with a strong sense of social responsibility which has a positive impact in the countries in which we operate.

To achieve this we endeavour to provide a safe place to work and minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. We respect the rights and social diversity of the Company’s Stakeholders including shareholders, host governments, partners, employees, contractors, suppliers and we work closely with the local communities affected by our operations to create employment and promote social welfare initiatives. Consistent with our guiding business principles we strive to:

  • Avoid harm to all people involved in, or affected by, our operations
  • Minimise the impact of our operations on the environment
  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Act in an ethical manner and ensuring transparency in our business dealings
  • Have a positive impact on the people and communities directly affected by our activities and
  • Achieve continuous improvement in our HSES performance.

Wherever we operate we will follow the requirements of our HSES Management System to ensure that we:

  • Openly communicate its HSES policies and goals and put in place the organisation required to achieve these
  • Identify, evaluate and effectively manage HSES risks
  • Select and train competent staff to manage the business and any associated risks
  • Maintain the technical integrity of the Company’s assets
  • Ensure that its contractors and suppliers have the competencies and systems to effectively support the business
  • Maintain procedures which will allow an effective response in the event of an emergency
  • Set and communicate clear HSES objectives and targets and monitor performance to ensure continual improvements
  • Actively engage with our stakeholders to ensure to ensure their views are considered and concerns addressed
  • Continually evaluate our HSES performance through monitoring, benchmarking, regular reporting and audits
  • Report and investigate incidents and near misses and introduce measures to prevent their recurrence
  • Conduct annual management reviews to ensure continual improvements to our HSES management system
  • Ensure all critical HSES documents and records are retained and their storage is properly managed

This policy will not be compromised by other business priorities. We will periodically review the policy commitments and our HSES Management System to ensure they continue to meet both the Company and our Stakeholder needs.